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It ran when I parked it!

The Peoples' Choice

Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

Thanks to our prize donors:

$200 in cold cash

American Classic Truck Parts
Each winner gets an autographed copy of Tom Brownell's book: "How to Restore your Chevrolet Pickup"

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

The Filling Station
A set of four universal car dollies

Vintage Truck
One year subscription to Vintage Truck magazine

Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
Chevy Shop Clock

Mar-K Quality Parts
A pair of bed side hole caps

Stovebolt Page Hooya Shoppe
a $50 Shopping Spree

Here they are ... we'll start with The Peoples' Choice!

      The people have spoken!  Long live the proletariat!  Ooops, wrong speech …

      Anyway, many thanks to Fred Scott and his granddaughters for accepting the chore of counting all the votes submitted for this prize.  After much counting, recounting and internal audits, amazingly, the winner is … FRED SCOTT!!! 

      Just kidding.  Democracy sort of works (now and then) here on The Stovebolt Page, and the People have chosen as the 2006 Peoples’ Choice …

      Dale Evans and his classic “Flora Trucka” submission, “Covert Ops!”  Congrats Dale!

      "Dale Evans" (Mothertrucker) donated his prize to Joe (TooMany2Count) Weimer. Joe selected the one year subscription to Vintage Truck Magazine. Plus, he'll get an autographed copy of Tom Brownell's book, How to Restore your Chevrolet Pickup provided by American Classic Truck Parts.

      Next …  Third Place


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