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The 4th annual Stovebolt Photo Contest!

Stovebolterfest 2002

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O'zapft is!

    Ja!    Willkommen auf dem Stovebolterfest Fourth Annual "It Ran When I parked It" photo contest!!! -- the annual search for the ultimate photographic expression of the Big Lie we've all heard when calling on a truck for sale ad -- "It Ran When I Parked It."

Ein, Zwei ...

   Of course, we all know that IRWIPI is just a euphemism for "There's more useable steel left in an old Paulaner Beer can than in that thing and climbing the Bavarian Alps in February in Lederhosen will be more fun than restoring it."


   After all these years, you remember the rules -- send in your best photograph from your summer adventures combing the world's backyards, junkyards, scrapyards and barnyards for that elusive restoreable (ha!) Stovebolt and send it in! Here are the guidelines:

  1. One submission per contestant
  2. Give your picture a caption (limit 15 words) ... or we will!
  3. Electronic submission should be in JPEG format and no more than 200 x 200 pixels
  4. Send electronic submissions to IRWIPI-2002 Submissions
  5. Sorry, no snailmail entries will be accepted this year.

DEADLINE -- Midnight, November 30, 2002

Well, don't just sit there,

Schnell!! Schnell!!
Send 'em in!

Photo Submissions || Meet der Photo Fuhrer!

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