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Winners and Photo Submissions

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Introduction || The absolute apogee of judging talent

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And without further ado, here they are --

The winners of the 3rd Annual IRWIPI Photo contest!!!!!

The Winners' Submissions

1st Place
"Canopy Depressed"

Submitted by Ken Brown
2nd Place
"The crank's still there if you care to give her a try"

Submitted by Whitney Haist
Somewhere in Alaska
3rd Place
"Free load of firewood"

Submitted by Peter LeQuire
The People's Choice

"Always kept under cover.*"

Submitted by Todd Collins
Comes with spare tire and rim.

* GROUND cover, that is.


      It was a tough contest this year as our judges will attest.

      "These are all trucks I'd walk through the weeds for (and several I think I already have)," remarked Marsha Williams, who came to us from American Classics Truck Parts.

      That was a sentiment echoed by the other half of our dynamic judging duo, noted author Tom Brownell.

      Tom admired the "cleverness with either the photo or the caption, or both, but also in the case of the canopy express, the rareness of the truck."

      To see what they were up against and to judge for yourself, here are the rest of the submissions. Thanks to all who submitted -- especially those with all the very clever captions! Y'all done real good! Be sure to check your mail in the upcoming weeks for your personal invite to the awards banquet at The Sands Casino in Las Vegas. For those who can't make it, the extravaganza will be carried live on network television.

      And if you believe that, you believe that "It Ran When I Parked It!!!"


 The 2001 IRWIPI Submissions:   

"Good headroom"

Submitted by Rob English
"For Sale: 1936 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Truck Model FB Needs headliner - tires hold air - needs some rear end work."


Submitted by Kevin Hamilton Keller, Tx
The owner said "It ran when I parked it."

"Ad read Needs tires and paint."

"In the weeds"

Submitted by Tim Sheridan

"4x4 with new roll bar and some chrome."

"Waitin' to play again in Margaritaville. "

Submitted by Chuck Dooley
Location: B.O.'s Fish Wagon, corner of Caroline & William Streets, Key West
"I should have planned better for retirement ... or Jerry!!!, I`m just dropping it off for a tune-up!"

Submitted by Suecoho

"It ran when I sank it..."

Submitted by Dusty Harrington
Nautical Division
"Easier to raise than the Kursk."

(Get with the program, Dusty. Geez!!!)


"Was that a great swap meet or what?"

Submitted by Edward Rhoads
Oregon Territory
"Forest's Revenge"

Submitted by Conrad Vogel
1940 GMC ACKWX-353 with logging "jammer"
"Some (re) assembly needed."

Submitted by Luke Kenyon
Or: One of them bi-directional trucks.

"Uh, I lost a little weight in my rear end!"

Submitted by John Williams

"Just movin' in"

Submitted by Ken Fredrickson
West Valley City Utah
Trailer for sale or rent, '46 truck 50cents


"I need a vacation!"

Submitted by Lindy Cergizan

1946 2-ton Chevy Model PW



"Mildy customized- note 'In the weeds' stance"

Submitted by Kael Farmer
"Ran when I parked it but it was the '60's and I can't remember where I parked it."

Submitted by Bruce
"Always under cover"

Submitted by Jack Valenti
LRDG Preservation Society

"Pa, get sum'or bailin' whire. I need to 'just them headlights"

Submitted by K. Whitman
"They stack 'em like cordwood around here."

Submitted by Ed
*Valet parking at the Stovebolt Page HQ
"Just hangin' around waitin' for a driver..."

Submitted by Dusty Harrington

"Old Glory "

Submitted by Shane Kamerer
Beaver, PA

""Got 4 wheels and some running boards....hhhmmphh, it's just a FQrd""

Submitted by Nadine Kohn
Glencoe, MN
"Needs a little front end work"

Submitted by Mike Vosburgh

"The usual dings and scratches -- nothing major"

Submitted by Scott Zimmerman
'50 Ford pickup deep in the Prescott National Forest, AZ
" Transit Authority, our Buses run on time!!!"

Submitted by Jolly Goodfellow
"Farm Scupture"*

Submitted by Eartha Weaver
*Comes with a good spare, too!

"fire dispatch--tanker 7---out of service"

Submitted by Dave, aka Koolkar
"if you like it so much, how about you get it out of my yard?"
"95 percent complete"

Submitted by Rick Rickard
"It ran when I parked it there. We'll have to move some stuff outta the way to get to it, but it's in there.... somewhere"

Submitted by MotherTrucker

"Dentfree body, needs engine work and tires. Nearly ready to drive home."

Submitted by Fred Tefft
"But where will the mice live if this thing ever runs again?"

Submitted by Brad Wells
"Needs carbuerator work,,,, itza ford afterall"

Submitted by John T

"Good looks not included"

Submitted by Joe Hand
-- A REAL Dodgezilla!! --
Wow, this has been incredible! Take me to the top of the page -- I wanna do this again

Introduction || The absolute apogee of judging talent

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