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"It's full of stars...."

Last words of astronaut David Bowman

   Because Stovebolters, in the aggregate, present a vast panoply of divers backgrounds, skills and interests (some even include old trucks), we at the Stovebolt Publishing Company's World Headquarters scoured the known universe night and day for years on end to find the absolute apogee of judging talent and abducting it (them) back here to the Mothership. The creme de la creme, as it were. You deserve no less than the best and here they are -- two veritable stars of the old truck universe to brighten our little contest.

   A really, really big thanks to our esteemed celebrity judges for agreeing to put up with us!


Tom Brownell

   Tom is probably best known to us Stovebolters as the author of our primary reference in this hobby -- "How to restore your Chevrolet pickup." Tom is also the author of 15 other books, most on automotive topics, and has been syndicated columnist. He currently writes the Questions & Answers column for Old Cars Weekly and the Reflections column for This Old Truck.

   In real life, he teaches Technical Writing courses at Ferris University where he has attained the rank of Professor. He's been an old car/truck enthusiast since he was given a Model A Ford runabout by his uncles at age 14 to use with his lawn mowing business. He lived on a farm near Lake Ontario and was able to use the Model A to haul his mower through the orchards to the cottages on the lake shore.

   In the photo, Tom is actually standing in the Colorado River and towering above the Grand Canyon. Thus, we don't expect to have any trouble from contestants this year...



Marsha Williams

   Marsha has probably heard IRWIPI more times than anyone else on this site during the course of her career as the purveyor of "experienced" parts for American Classic Antique Truck Parts. In the words of the Classic Man hisself:

   "Marsha has a network of iron men around the countryside stripping parts off trucks on her command. You can give her any title that you wish - Director of used parts for American Classic, Salvage consultant, junk collector or whatever. Apart from her 100's of daily jobs, she handles all of the used parts. She's the handler for a network of used parts dealers around the county who "harvest" trucks for us."

   Thus, she tends to stand out in the salvage crowd. A major part of what she does is cultivate new sources for salvage parts and swap meets are one of the best places to find them. So rest assured, if anyone knows the Big Lie she does because she's seen enough vine-covered junk piles in more elemental form than the Periodic Table to last a lifetime.

What a cool job...


    Okay, okay -- enough schmoozing with the judges -- GET BACK TO WORK!

Introduction || Photo Submissions

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