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     This is our first attempt at this contest -- 1999 -- and we were surprised at the response! Great time had by all!

     Mr. Randy Rundle, of 5th Avenue Antique Auto Parts (see the Links Page), was our esteemed celebrity judge. "It was a tight race," according to Randy. The "People's Choice Award" was a close-call, too! Enjoy the entries ... it was a lot of fun. A special thanks to our Count and Countess for tallying up the People's Choice Votes: Tony and Joy Pascerella.



Jim Merritt

"101 Uses for an Art Deco
Truck -- Use #3, Flower Pot"

Ed Rhoads

"For Sale -- Always parked in Barn*" actual ad

Tom and Gillian Teixeira
"No Title, Like New, Comes with extra tires"

Kathy Weeks
"Truck Widow's Revenge"

"It Ran Well When I parked It"
Submitted by Skip Whitfield
Penalty Points awarded for no reason.

"Nebraska Prairie Dog"
Submitted by Sam Fugate
Bonus points awarded for stumping the Caption Writer

"A Tree Grows Through It."
Submitted by John Milliman

"When Worlds Collide
(Fred Sanford Meets Fox Mulder)"
Submitted by Randy Baumann
Bonus Points awarded for crashed UFO (It ran also when it was parked!)

"Can't see the Kenworths for the trees"
Submitted by Ed Rhodes

"School's Out Forever!" (Alice Cooper)
Submitted by John Hancock
Penalty Points awarded for claiming that it really did run when it was parked.

"Old Blue"
Submitted by Whitney Haist
Bonus Points awarded for web site editor submission


"The Usual Suspects"
Submitted by Whitney Haist
Penalty Points awarded for F**ds in photo

"At Play in the Field of the Lord*"
Submitted by Ralph Dixon
Bonus Points awarded for nice lawn ornament
* Really Terrible Movie

"Advance Decline"
Submitted by Jeff Nelson
Bonus Points awarded for Big Trucks

"It Ran when I Parted it"
Submitted by Chuck Byrd,
Loxahatchee, Florida

"Fixer Upper -- only a few missng parts"
Submitted by
Dean Meltz

"Don't Drink and Drive"
(You might hit a tree and spill your drink)
Submitted by Dave
Penalty Points awarded for Foreign Truck (Toyota Land(tree)cruiser)

"Get up and Go done got up and gone."
(Dang, service at this gas pump is slooooow)
Submitted by Don Whitfield

"Two if by land..."
(They'll sit there until Fosters tastes good...)
Submitted by Mike Kelly
Bonus points for Aussie submission

"Waiting for the Cows to Come Home."
Submitted by Gary Drennan

"Rode hard and put away wet."
Submitted by Conrad Vogel
Bonus points awarded for GI Truck

"Honey, can I use your half of the garage for a couple of days???"
Submitted by William Goodridge

"In the midst of the garden grows a fruit whereof ye shall not eat."
(Or, Binder's Keepers)
Submitted by Scott Sensing

"Abominable Snowman"
Mid-summer day in Lake Elmo, MN
Submitted by Barry Weeks

"Good Mechanicals, needs a little body work"
Submitted by Ed Rhodes

"Don't Clean Parts in the Kitchen Sink"
("Looking for your truck, Dear??")
Submitted by Peggy Milliman
Bonus points awarded for Haleiwa Rental Car

"Banzai Pipeline Victim"
Just another burned-out Surfer hanging ten on the North Shore
Submitted by Megan Milliman
Penalty points awarded for Waimanalo Cadillac

"Old Man Winter"
Just another restoration project "on ice"
Submitted by Danny Bowles


"Gorillas in the Mist"
Submitted by Ralph Goff


"Yard Birds"
Submitted by Dean Meltz

"Dang thing's around here somewhere"

"Going nowhere fast"
Submitted by Dean Meltz


"Three Old Maids"
Submitted by Ed Rhodes

"A Sticky Situation"
Submitted by Ed Rhodes


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