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Leonardtown, Maryland



       Old trucks make wonderful photo props, no matter what condition or state of repair they are in. Just driving around, *your* truck could even be a cover shot for Bride Magazine ...

June 2008

June brides ... ah June brides ... ah what in the world is going on here?


When some folks talk about being "married to your truck" ... maybe this is what they mean?

Bill "txlatx" Frey's 1958 Chevy Apache with the "Dress Girl"

by Charlie "Cletis" Hardin
Bolter #1113
1953 Chevy 6100
1956 Chevy 1/2-ton Stepside

<< click the images for a larger view >>

The Texas Connection (the Fort Worth / Dallas area Stovebolters) planned on a trip to the Ft. Worth Swap Meet, April 12 and 13 (forum discussion). Cliff 59, 46sortastock (his truck will be "roadworthy in the next ten years ), txlatx, Joker and myself were able to make it. Afterwards, we went to an old hamburger joint (Kinkaids) that started as a grocery in the 1940's. Our plan was to get pictures of the trucks with the building in the background but no luck. We had to park a block away it was so crowded.

       Any way, while we were eating, we noticed a girl in a wedding dress and another girl with a fancy camera taking pictures. They were using various walls (decorated with posters, pictures, newspaper revues and the like) as background. They were obviously having fun as the Dress Girl was making silly poses and they were giggling like girlfriends do when they are having fun.

       Being the nice guy that he is, Bill (txlatx) Frey offered to let them use our trucks as background. They were ecstatic!

       The girls said they had been to several junkyards wanting to use old cars for background and couldn't find one open.

       The Dress Girl had gotten married the weekend before and they were on a "Trash the Dress" mission.

       They ended up only using Bill's '58.

       I took some snaps while they were shooting. (This picture on the left looks like every Stovebolters dream girl ~ Editor) The photographer took a whole bunch of pictures and promises to send us the link to the album.

       Since June is traditionally the wedding month, we thought this would be a good story.

       I'm also sending for your enjoyment a picture that I changed to black and white. It's Bill's '58 [ Gallery page ] , Cliff's '59 [ Gallery page ] and my '56 [ Gallery page ]. It looks like it was taken back in the day, doesn't it?

       (Wow, Cletis -- this picture spells R E L A X to me. I think Bill said you can hear the "Leave it to Beaver" theme song playing just looking at it. Great shot. Beautiful line-up. ~ Editor)

       By the way, we had almost as much fun as the girls.

Thanks for considering it!




       We later found out later that the "Dress Girl" has a name -- Crystal. Here's the link to the photographer's web site. Maybe we can find a place to order a poster of the Stovebolts above! Those would look purdee in any shop!. ~ Editor

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