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  Fourth Annual Stovebolt Reunion and the
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Da Oz Tinman and TOTO

Update in the
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February 2023

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Cletis - I had a great time here. The folks from the host club treated us like we are some kind of special. I really enjoyed visiting with all the Stovebolters who came. Many I have met in previous years' trips and enjoyed seeing y'all again. And it was great to meet face to face with the ones I hadn't met before. I think I can speak for the group when I say we all had a wonderful time. You folks that didn't make it, start making your plans for next year now. You don't want to miss all this fun again.

Cletis has pictures in a separate album on the Bolt Bucket, A lot of really fun Bolter faces!

Scott - Yeah, what Cletis said. Met a lot of new Bolters this year. The show sure is growing! Several long haulers came, too -- MexicoSab and Alberto, Rusty Rod, John, Peg and Cletis all spent some serious time and money to get there. Got home and got Kansas City washed off my car. Gonna sit back for a while and take it all in and re-energize. We've marked off our calendar to do it again next year. Hope even more come then too.

Scott's album is here in the Bolt Bucket.

Ed - I got "bent bed" TOTO back in one piece . Enjoyed meeting everyone and the many hours of fun. Can't wait for next year's event.

Here's Toto's story in our Sagas Section.

Sabrina - I'm still pinching myself. I have never had such a good time in my whole life. Meeting all of you made a huge dent in my bucket list of life. KC ROCKS \:\)

Terry - Was this a great week end or what! I had a blast. I can not wait until next year. So many great guys and gals I've met and talked to. The ones that didn't make it really missed out. There is one person that I think really needs a pat on the back for all he has done, and that man is DaOzTinman. Ed, thank you so much for going so far out of your way to make everyone's weekend so memorable. You are the man!

Kevin - What a great weekend!!! Pat and I had such a great time visiting and meeting all of you. We were sure impressed with "27 Capitol" eating those peppers. We're already counting on next year, and spending more time with everyone. Thanks to Da Oz Man for everything and to everyone that made us feel so welcome.

Doug - Wow, what a great weekend! Tanja and I haven't had this much fun in a long, long time. She talked most of the way home about how nice and friendly everyone was. Everyone in their own special way went out of their way to welcome us and make us feel as we had known them forever. It was like, in a perfect world, going to your 20th / 30th class reunion, without the stereotypes or hangups to get past. We are definitely coming back next year, hopefully with the '50, and we will come on Friday so we've got more time to visit!

Craig - I managed to miss the group picture. I guess I didn't hear when that was being done. My wife might be right -- I don't pay attention. And speaking of her, we were talking about you guys after everything was over. I've been involved in a lot of different types of car clubs over the years. And this really is the nicest bunch of people I've ever been involved with. You're almost too nice -- I'm not sure how to act around you! I was the second one of us to show up on Saturday (obviously the closest to the show), and the last remaining truck in the Stovebolt section on Sunday. I got a little second-place trophy for one of my models, but was shut out with the beater. Still, even though the judges apparently didn't think much of the old truck (for the second year in a row, but I'm not bitter. OK, a little bitter. Not extremely bitter. On a bitter scale from one-to-ten, I'd say it's a four), I'm always surprised at how many people want to come over and check the old thing out and ask questions and stuff. You meet a lot of people that really seem to be interested at a show like this, which is what it's all about. Always a good time, and BHo loves his roll of electrical tape!

(We'll put Craig in charge of the bull-horn next year!! ~ Editor)

Bowtie Tim also took some pictures. He came on Saturday (lives in Kansas) ... we didn't get to meet him since many were at Jim Carter's. So ... LOOK for us next year!!

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Leonardtown, Maryland


What a great time! What a great turnout!


        The 4th Annual Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City was just incredible. This was our largest turnout yet. We had more than 50 people for our Saturday dinner (at a place that we reserved for 45 ). We had a registry, but for our best guess, we'll stick with the "more than 50" (who's really counting anyway ... it was just a great BUNCH!). Click on here (or on the image above ) and "mouse over" the faces, to see who's who ... and who MISSED the photo op!). Thanks to Ed Blouch who did that neat hi-tech trickery for us ... mouse over to identify faces!

        We have several albums of photos in the Bolt Bucket. Be sure to look at them all, with a variety of views about the weekend!

        It was good to see some new faces and always charming to see the old gang. It seemed like everyone was having a good time.

        The Stovebolt HQ team flew in on Thursday. We were short Paul "Stovebolt Geek" Schmehl ... who had a doctor's pass. Paul had been in a big fight with our server in Texas. This man was so excited about bringing his 1948 Chevy 5-Window Deluxe ... but it was not to be. Next year ...

        The idea of getting there a day early was to get a leg-up on things, compared to our usual dazed and confused look for the first five hours when we arrive late in the day on a Friday. That turned out to be a smart move. John and Peg arrived at the American Inn, just as Scott "48bigtrucks" and Sherry Ward had finished checking in. Scott was wearing a "classic" Stovebolt Page t-shirt. Ahh, such nostalgia. Just love it.

        After we got our stuff stowed, we ran into Ron "WE b OLD" Steltz. So, this already was a great pace! We had rented (as Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus referred to it later) the "soccer Dad mini-van" so we all piled in for our first trip.

        First order of business was to find Steve "KCMongo" Mosley and Mike "Ol Trucks" Taylor. Scott had arranged a trip out to the old lime-stone "caves" to see Bill Alderson's awesome truck and equipment collection. Scott summed it up pretty well: "We could have listened to the stories about each and every piece for hours." Some of Bill's "junk" looked better than our project trucks. {sigh}

        The Alderson family were super, and they ended up hanging with us most of the weekend. The ladies were very well entertained, too (thanks in part to Bill's wife, Patti).

  Steve - THANKS for the hospitality!! I look forward to seeing everyone again next year. I've already informed my wife that I have to build another truck by then, just so I have a backup if one breaks down right before the show!!

        Mike thoroughly enjoyed the "peek at Bill's trucks, TRUCKS & Tractors, new OLD trucks. Most were better than the day they rolled off the assembly line. Bill and Wayne definitely have talent! Bill and his wife, along with Wayne (Bill's son) and his wife are some of the best ol' people one could find. They fit in to the Stovebolt family just fine." Everyone was having a great time out at their place.

        We can all thank Scott for taking up Wayne's offer last year (at the 2007 Reunion) for the tour. For those who missed out, Scott plans to frequent Bill's place for the next 12 months. "They're just great people ... the trucks are a BONUS! We were definitely kids in a candy store!" Maybe we can get another tour next year. It's worth spending HOURS there. And there is fascinating stuff for the ladies in those caves. Great stories ... some not even truck related!

        Friday, we headed to the show field to supposedly help Mongo set up. Well, Mongo made a side trip to pick up a truck (see the Adventures with Mongo picture story and read some of the fun details from Mongo's Gallery page). Lisa (Mrs. Mongo) was not aware of this new arrival to the Mongo truck harem. So, John made up a Stovebolt truck identification placard and put it on the truck . We thought surely Lisa would NEVER notice. Gosh ... first thing when she gets to the show field with the boys, she's over they checking out this yellow tru .... what???!! HER truck??!! So, Mongo was in hot water. But he was really busy with show stuff, he may not have noticed the scald marks all over him!

        Did we say we went to help set up? Well, Ed "DaOzTinman" Hoover was way ahead of this sorry bunch. (Ed had quite an adventure of his own on the trip to Kansas City. You'll need to read that one in our saga section).

        Ed had taken the Stovebolt GABFest up a huge notch, to say the lease! He had a Stovebolt tent for us, and a second for extra space, two tables (with a Stovebolt cover), a bunch of Stovebolt pens, Stovebolt magnetic calendars, two choices of coffee mugs, a cooler filled with drinks and water, some scrumptious munchies, and MORE prizes! We were under a nice shade tree (Papa Bear in the picture). However, Mongo had our space right near the food vendors (yum) and a short walk to the restrooms (the only ones for the park -- a big "oh nuts" hit Mongo when he got a call on Thursday night with a report that the port-o-pots were not coming. So, score a big one for us there!)

        Rich "RJ" Sineros < RJ Truck Parts > offered a $25 cash prize and Ed offered a $50 cash prize (to help offset the price of fuel) for the Stovebolter who brought his truck the farthest. Charlie "Cletis" Hardin took both prizes, coming over 1200 miles from Weatherford, Texas in his sweet 1956 Chevy 1/2-ton Stepside.

Genuine Chevy and GMC Truck Club PresidentGaileen

I am glad to hear all of you had a great time at the 9th Annual Midwest All Truck Nationals.. I had lots of fun sharing stories and seeing familiar, and new faces. You are a GREAT group to be around! It just keeps getting better every year!

Our group (Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of KC) thinks the world of you Stovebolters and what you do. Hope to see all of you next year and many more of you too.



        Ed ... still had more. (Do you think he's a Stovebolt Santa? ) He had six Stovebolt blue collapsible canvas chairs to give away.

        John and Scott kept changing name tags throughout the two days. So Scott got to be John off and on. When Mongo came to rag John for the "hot water" bath ... John was sure to smack that name tag on Scott. If there was food involved, John resumed his true identity.

        All day Friday and Saturday, Stovebolters continued to trickle in. It was REALLY great to have these fancy embroidered Stovebolt polo shirts the KC truck club hooked us up with. All that purple in the photo is just awesome. You could easily spot our people throughout the park! We had to wait until the afternoon for the Nicole "gmchick" t-shirts to arrive. Those t-shirts looked great, too. A big thanks to Nicole for getting them to us in such a rush!

        We really looked like a group. Of what ... hard to say ... but definitely a group.

Doesn't take much to get Peg worked up

        Ed Hoover also printed up some nice name tags. So, as people signed up, they got a name tag ... with sticky or clip. When Cletis and Terry "27Capitol" Kerberger showed up, they had their name tags from last year!! It was great. A name tag collection. What a bunch we are!

        So everyone (well, not EVERYONE!) gathered about 11 for the usual babble by the Grand Poo Bah. But we think they really came for the electrical tape toss.

        Cletis won yet again for coming the longest distance in his Stovebolt. (If you missed it, Cletis had a great story from last year's Reunion ~ 1,200 miles in a 51 year old truck ~ The man is a ROAD WARRIOR!)

        After the big prize tossing, and Ed's presentations, we tried to gather everyone for the group photo. There must be a trick to this ... that we haven't figured out yet.

        On Saturday, we had our tour at Jim Carter's. That was outstanding as usual. And then, of course, it was a great bargain for some of our guys. Jim Carter offered a 15% discount for orders coming in over the big weekend. But not just to those who made the trip to the event. He extended it to all our Stovebolt contributors. Mike Taylor (our tour guide for the grand event) said, the idea was ... "save that 15% and come next year!" Very cool.

        This tour also involved one of Ed's contests. A Stovebolt canvas chair, to rest their weakend bones after the exhaustive shopping spree at Carters, to the one who spent the most. Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris was beside himself (oh, no that was Victoria). He was anxious for parts, especially with the 15% discount, and HE WANTED A CHAIR!

  Sam - This is the first show that I have taken my truck to and the first Stovebolt meeting I have been to. I had a great time and everyone made me feel quite welcome. Next year I want to try to get more time off to stay the whole weekend.

        What a great time to get to know one another. Alvin was looking forward to meeting another Stovebolt icon, Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus. "I had heard he was in town but no one had pointed him out. Nor had we been introduced yet. So, I rode all the way to Jim Carter's and back with an interesting Bolter (aren't we all?). We chatted there and back. At dinner that evening I asked what had happened to Rusty Rod. Well, the laugh was on me when someone pointed him out! I had been chatting with him all along!! DUUUHH Well, it was a good laugh on me so enjoy it!! AND Rusty Rod is a pretty nice guy after all. Right Rusty?"

        In Alvin's defense ... he had JIM CARTER PARTS occupying all his gray cells (good thing Victoria was there). He wanted one of Ed's Stovebolt chairs!! And he got it!

        We had a first-time visit to Classic Parts. Robert Mata, the General Manager, gave a neat tour of their place. And for those who missed the first round, he had his staff take care of the late-comers on Saturday with a tour, too. We got neat stories, t-shirts and hats! Robert also offered a 10% discount for Stovebolters - for always! Be sure to use "Stovebolt" when you order (see here).

        So each day and evening the group was going strong. We usually met over at the American Inn afterwards for refreshments, more chatter and music. We tried the Karaoke on Thursday night, but got in there so late, we only got one song in. (Actually, having the machine turned off didn't keep us from singing anyway ... we just had a little trouble with knowing all the words!) So, we're so glad Cletis brought his guitar. Next year, we'll get our own music for the pool! Who knows ... there could be a Stovebolt American Idol among us. Doubt it...

        Besides having Mexico Sab and Alberto coming from Mexico for the Reunion, Stan and Erica Sharshu came from Alberta, Canada. They just "happened to be in the neighborhood" and read about the show! We told them since they had been on holy ground (10 feet near the Stovebolt canopy), they were deemed Stovebolters. Plus, they have a 1951 Chevy COE!!! (Not with them unfortunately.)

        On Saturday, after the cruise over to Chux Trux, we all headed to the grand banquet at the Smokehouse Bar-b-q place. We had a good size room. The majority of the folks were seated and we had some munchies and drinks. More people kept coming. So, we filled up the vacant spots. MORE came and we started to squeeze in a little. The staff offered a second table set up, and we thought everyone was here. MORE came ... so we moved folks around a little, and the gals brought in the other table. It wasn't crowded. By NOW, we all knew each other pretty well. And it was fun, comfy and quite a lot of chatting all about. Cletis had a good chance to get some more photos (gotta check the Stovebolt Bolt Bucket!).

        The bar-b-q dinner was yummy of course, and there was plenty. We sent the extras home with Lisa for Mamma Mongo who was watching the two little Stovebolters. So, another successful day ... and we headed back to the Inn ... we didn't think we'd stay up late. But it's amazing how time flies when you don't have a watch.

Last Bolters Standing

The Oehm's, The Evan's, Cletis, The Iturbe's
The Parris's and Joe Weimer
        Lots of folks headed out early Sunday. We had a few "last Bolters standing" on Sunday, to be there for the awards. Cletis got a money award from the show for being the farther distance traveled ... AGAIN! Congratulations!!

        AND Craig "revoh" Hover won a second place award for his model. He's a bit *unsettled* that his Stovebolt didn't win (read his testimony, left) yet again this year ... but we think with some therapy and Stovebolt Hot Sauce, he'll cool off by next year (when he looses again!) LOL

        AND our Stovebolt gang won for the biggest representation of a group!!! Shazammm. WE WON SOMETHING ... and they called us a "group" (must have been the shirts!) Very cool. (Wait 'til they see us NEXT year. Ah yea!)

        This was such a nice shot of the hard-core. Thanks to Sabrina for sending it.

        Check the Stovebolt Photobucket to see the pictures that our gang took. Mongo added to the Kansas City Club's site. (As of the 2023 update, these images are not available.)

        Thanks to everyone who came, and helped in their own fashion. Ed was an OUTSTANDING Stovebolt GABFest coordinator. Mongo did a great job with the overall show. He even customized Google Maps for everyone so we knew exactly where the spots were that we'd be visiting around the area. The American Inn folks were good to us again, and will give us even more leeway next year. The folks who stayed at the Quality Inn next door, enjoyed their spot (and look forward to the indoor pool being open next year!).

        Can't wait 'til next year!!! Looks like more of the gang are planning to come a day early! Shoot, we may make it a whole week!

A few last words

Joe - Now that that I'm a tad rested and have shaken off the road dust, I'd have to say this has to be one of the best shows I have been to date. Yes, I have been to some other great shows in the past 30 or so years I have been going. BUT, this one had more then just a bunch of trucks gathering. This show had one single large group of people who all had one thing in common -- not only their love of old iron but especially trucks and consider ourselves a family. It was great to see all my old friends and be able to put faces to some new ones. Our Family continues to grows.

As Terry said, there is one person that really needs a pat on the back for all he has done, and that man is DaOzTinman. Ed, I'd have to say that you went beyond any one person who went out of their way to be sure that not only would we stayed dry, but also brought many gifts to share with us all. And YES those elk sausage sticks were GREAT!!!!! You definitely are "Da Man!!!"

Sabrina it was great to be able to put a face with that name and voice of one of the folks who has became someone I call a friend and part of my extended family. Alberto, thanks again for your gift it wasn't something I thought I'd never see or enjoy in my life time (a nifty smoke!).

Cletis, thanks for breakfast. It was great to be able to just sit around and "chew" the fat with someone who it seems has been my friend for a long time. But I will say I wanted to kill you when you told me it was 6 am when in reality it was 8:30. I thought what the hell is he calling me up at 6 am to eat breakfast for and waking me up. Good one buddy ...

So glad that we have this site -- if it wasn't here, I wouldn't have been able to meet all the wonderful people I have over the years.

Scott, my friend, it seems you, Sherry and I are a small elite group of people who can say we've been there since the beginning. Let's keep it going and I'll see you two again next year for our "club" meeting.

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