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The First ever Stovebolt Gathering at Montana Andy's

By Montana Andy hisself

<< Some of the images you can click for a larger view >>
Also view the slideshow on the Bolt Bucket

Six-thirty on Saturday morning, I fired off a bar-b-que grill that is so large it looks like a miniature railroad tank car, sitting on the trailer behind my work truck. By 9 a.m., I put the hams on to start cooking, and Luke, Ivy and I began waiting on the arrivals and tending the fire. Pretty soon, Wally came rolling in, and some of the locals, too. It was beginning to look like a party, but I was a little concerned when the only Stovebolt that had arrived was the 1 1/2" long model of his truck that Wally brought!

       Not to worry, though. As the day progressed, Ken Brown and more locals showed up. We ended up having a smaller event than I had hoped (boy, do I have lots of really good bar-b-qued hog left! Pork for winter). Three or four nice Stovebolts showed up.

       Ron brought over his 1935 Chevy pickup (a really nice custom-in-progress) and Ronzo brought his 1946 1 1/2-ton flatbed. There were a couple of mid '60's. None looked as good as the pictures of Ivy's 1965 Fleetside that she had on her "T" shirt! (She put a front view of her truck in the windshield of her motor home, a rear view in the rear window, and respective side views on the sides of it, just to disguise it as a Stovebolt.)

Cletis wins the prize       Five other Stovebolters from the site showed up. Cletis "won" a pair of Montana mud flaps (donated by Wally) for traveling the farthest, and Ken brought his photo album. Luke brought Ed a choice of rear-ends for his truck, and after the business was completed, we retired to the chairs, the beer and cigars (thanks Rugo) and some tale-telling. I spent most of the day working the grill (though this cooker is a marvelous grill, and really took very little tending).

       As the afternoon progressed, I threw on the front shoulders, loins and ribs. We were smokin' !! [ Another pix ] By 5 p.m., we were beginning to feast on some really excellent pig. A big thanks goes to my friend Rick for his most excellent sauce! I have to bow to his sauce, it's much better than the recipe of mine!

       The party lasted well into the night, with lots of good camaraderie, many good stories, and, I like to think, some new friendships. It worked out well in that I did get to meet some of the folks whose writing I have been following with interest for the last year or so. They all met some pretty interesting friends of mine that are also old-iron oriented.

       Bullfoot, we missed ya and raised a toast to ya! Missed seeing OneWing, too ... OldChevy46. I really am sorry that this event didn't get big enough this year to last until Sunday! And that 1950 that your brother drove over here is a real straight and nice looking truck! The way it sounded, it might last another 50 years. Now, no whining about how far it is. The whole object, for me was to get the people, here on The Stovebolt Page together, and get them to DRIVE somewhere outside of the normal haunts! It's beautiful, here. As it probably is wherever you are. Only, more so, here!

       If this sort of event gets to be even a little regular, I promise to make every effort to get to one -- in my panel, so I'd better get to work, hey? Tony, the pig was great! I estimated, this afternoon, that 25 or so of us ate about a pound a piece -- judging by what's left! It was really mouth-wateringly tender, and after being apple-smoked all day on the grill, I have to admit that it was pretty darn tasty!

       Little did I know, nearly eight months ago when I chose this date, that there would also be three other pig roasts, a big auction and Shakespeare in the Park all going on the same day! The best part was that it went so smoothly! I would not be against this happening here again, at all. If a bunch of us here would still like to get together, I will attempt to do some more promoting of this (other than word of mouth to the locals and local car-clubs, I did no promoting this). Perhaps we can get a little better (though still very informal) turnout. I'd like to at least double the turn-out, so will need your assistance, in that.

       Ponder the idea, and we'll talk about it again later .... Andy

Chow time!Attendee comments

Mr. and Mrs. Wally -- Great Event, Andy!! Everyone should know how beautiful this part of Montana is!!! Maybe owning a Stovebolt should be part of the residency requirements, though! The 1948 3/4-tom pooped out on Evaro Hill and we had to take just the 1990 D*dge camper. At least it was a truck with a straight six (Cummins).

I got great advice at the "Gathering." Three out of four said "too tight valves" while I was leaning towards the distributor. We'll let you know how the fixing goes. With that fixed and Mechainiac's 4.10 rear-end (sans 4.57), we'll get back there in the '48 without a backup.

Bullfoot -- Awww make me feel bad but you all know One Wing and I blazed de trail to Andy's last year and wanted to go this year. But it takes a bunch more oxygenny now than it did last year. We knew it would be good and will be bigger and better next year if Andy's up for it.

Ken sent a new monitor down to replace the swamp I was looking at before. I can see again and able to see de post. Thanks Ken, Dennis, Ed and Jenny.

oldchevy46 (Luke) -- I was sadly deflated on Sunday afternoon when I went to Montana Andy's and everybody but Luke had left. That means I should come on Friday or Saturday next year so I don't miss out. One good thing is next year, I should be able to bring my '46 and my brother will bring his' 50 which he drove this year.


GLPerry -- Well, sounds like a "Westerner" thing to me! I was planning on it at first, but things changed and was not able to go. I did spend this last week and this week on my '50 1-ton. Does that count? I was figuring a week each way to get there and back. Had the time off at work, just kept it anyway to do things here. On my MM tractor site, some fellas from different areas of US, had "breakfast meetings" with some local guys there. I went to one in Ohio, about 400 miles away, just for breakfast with about eight other people! Then went to a fella's "ranch" to see his collection and shop. Maybe, something like that would work -- a smaller number of people, just take / post pix on 'Bolt site later. Maybe if closer -- MO, MN, or Iowa.

Mechainiac -- Man what a ride! I really did not want to leave Andy`s place. It is so peaceful and beautiful there. I, for one, will be trying to help more with the next meet in Montana. I was happy to finally meet with Janyiv and talk with her and blackdog. The window decals of your red truck on the motorhome windows almost fooled me, but it just didn`t sound right when you fired it up!

I also wanted to mention that Ken and Lisa are wonderful people and are raising some great kids. I probably had as much fun watching them play with their air launch rocket toy as they were playing with it. (Ken and Lisa, you two are doing a fantastic job). We will have to work on getting Bullfoot more healthy or ship him to the next Montana gathering on a tank-car full of oxygenny. Oldchevy46: It was a pleasure to meet you, your brothers AND the '50 Chevy truck. I will look forward to seeing you guys at the next meet at Andy`s. Wally and Mrs. Wally, I am truly happy to have met you and spent some time with you. I will see your Stovebolt there next year if I have to go get it myself !


Ken -- Hey guys! I am now in Dubois, Wyoming -- first chance I have had to get online. Andy, you did a great job pulling this together. The pork was perfect and the beans left a lasting . . . well, uhhh, we won't talk about the beans. Had a great time talking with Mechainiac, Ivy, Cletis and his beautiful wife, Wally and his bride and a whole host of Andy's friends. Ronzo had a great looking '45 that could be Tony and Joys big truck's twin! Also, a rodded '35 that turns 13 second 1/4 miles and a '63? 3/4-ton with a brand new oak bed. I'll post pics after I have had a few minutes to get them shaped up.


The Mall, -- Heron, MTgmpony -- I really wish the Bullfoot could have made it there. He talked about you all and spent the weekend taking oxygen and watching races on TV. OneWing was most likely in Kalspell where they will be moving. Thanks for raising the toast to Bullfoot. The food sounds like it was great. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped the Bullfoot out. There are still a bunch of wonderful people out there. We'll be there next year if anyway possible. Luke should have been able to tell some good Bullfoot stories.


Fritz Peyerl -- One more reason to finish my '53 1-ton grain truck. I am just north across the boarder. Hope there will be another gathering and I can meet all of you who helped me with my problems. My frame is all cleaned, restored and painted. The engine is at the shop to be cleaned and inspected. The body is now getting a rust removal treatment (grinder/new metal), new rims, new tires, new clutch, new shocks and so on are all done. Brake parts are ordered. I will keep the 15" rear brakes and will try them, before changing the system. Keep sending advice (I sure can use it). See ya next year.


Great thanks to "Cletis" (Charlie Hardin) for the great photos of the day.

Post Script: October 29, 2002:

       Am I slow, or what? I've just been keying in and going right to the forums, as my time has been a little short, of late. Tonight, I saw the new pictures, and clicked on that. Boy, was I surprised! Whoever did that (it was Cletis ~ Editor), did a really nice job of it! Thanks.

       As I said, my whole idea was to set something up for folks that hang out on your wonderful web site could meet and all that. If anything, your article might push that idea a little further down the track. Then the next one, (here or somewhere else..) might get a little bigger. Maybe one day, I'll even get to meet you guys and gals!

       Thanks again! I really enjoyed the way that was set up!

                                  ~~  Andy "Montana Andy" Welles


And that's what it's all about!


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