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NEW HOME for Homecoming!!  We're hitting the road this year and taking Homecoming to the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley for three days of hands-on work, informal seminars and workshops, great chow, cruising and helping each other with ... whatever ...


Go to the Discussion Forum for the  latest info  and  to register

Yeah right -- Like we ever stick to an itinerary ... mostly, we make it up as we go along.  But for laughs and giggles, here's a stab at a little organization:



  • Wrenchin' -- (Peggy gets mad if I forget the "r" ...) The resident experts will be on hand throughout the weekend to help adjust valves, timing, steering, bleed brakes or generally mess with whatever needs messin' with!  Shoot, even if it *doesn't* need messin' with (Remember, if it ain't broke ... fix it 'til it is!! ) ...
  • Machining -- Bring your block!  Get hands-on training from the masters -- Jerry/Hotrod Lincoln, Grigg III et al
  • Swap Meet -- Buy, sell, swap or just give away stuff
  • Cruise the Valley! -- Grab a wingman and go cruise the scenic byways of of the Shenandoah Valley!
  • Welding Seminar -- Sponsored by the 60-66 Forum -- Learn how to Mig weld! Mig welder will be on hand for demo from the Mig Master hisself!!!




  • All Day -- Arrival / Check in / Set up your camp spot
  • All Day -- Social and informal tech exchanges


  • Morning -- Wrenching and socializing


  • Noon-ish --  Cruise to lunch at the Devil's Backbone Brewery


  • All Day -- Small Group Cruising - Want go cruise with other Stovebolts? Grab a few of the guys and go! There will be plenty of opportunity throughout the weekend to go out for joyrides and cruises. The Valley boasts plenty of Stovebolt-friendly backroads -- perfect for original trucks as well as modifieds.  As you can see in the photos from previous years, there's nothing like a string of old old trucks of all different vintages cruising around! Lots of looks and visits from the local peeps.


  • All Day and Into the Evening -- Wrenching and socializing




  • All Day -- Wrenching and socializing


  • 7 am - 9 am -- Breakfast  Sponsored by the Tidewater Gang)
  • 9 am - Noon -- Tool Seminars
  • Noon - 1 pm -- Lunch, Group Photo
  • 6 pm - 8 pm  -- Grand Hall Formal Banquet (ODSS evening dress uniform) A very special menu is being prepared -- stay tuned for details!
  • 8:30 pm - Midnight -- Bonfire Social Sponsored by the Stovebolt 60-66 Forum  --- weather permitting




  • 7 am - 9 am -- Breakfast


  • All Day -- Tech Session wrap up


  • Any time you like -- Teary-eyed departures



Online registration is open!! Registration isn't mandatory, but ...


If you want to eat during the event -- you'll need to register

If you want directions to get to the event -- you'll need to register


If you don't want us to practice our speedy truck disassembly skills on your ride the moment you show up ... you'll need to register


Go to the discussion forum for registration info





Attendees are encouraged to camp on site. The site has plenty of space for your bedroll, tent or RV.  If you prefer one of our nearby B&Bs or a motel, we have several to choose from.




Homecoming '19 will be easily accessed via I-64, Exit #50 in Lexington, VA   ---  Detailed directions will be provided as part of the registration process!




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