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#658930 - Thu Jul 01 2010 04:07 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: webstershotrods]
John53 Offline
New Guy
Registered: Mon Dec 24 2007 02:00 PM
Posts: 44
Loc: ca
30 yrs ago I had a shoebox nova with a 250 6cyl, it ran good with a clifford cam and intake w/450 holly, and a header. Google Clifford Performance, they're in Corona Ca.
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#658943 - Thu Jul 01 2010 05:23 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: Greg_H]
ErikDaViking Offline
Wrench Fetcher
Registered: Fri Jan 01 2010 09:20 PM
Posts: 136
Loc: Arlington, WA
Hey there, Greg, thanks for posting that link. I'm putting the same setup on my 250, only with Langdons cast iron headers. Nice to see how you ran all the linkages and fuel lines, plus hearing it in teh videos was a great motivator to get 'er done. Hopefully th esetup I bought from Tom will work well together...
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#659266 - Fri Jul 02 2010 04:12 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: Hotrod Lincoln]
coolerthanethan Offline
Wrench Fetcher
Registered: Wed Aug 08 2007 12:00 PM
Posts: 80
Loc: Miami, FL
Originally Posted By Hotrod Lincoln
Lots of these setups are out there, but very few of them work as well as an original 1-carb system. Dual carbs are mostly eye candy, unless you're dealing with a highly-modified race-only engine. You'll encounter flat spots, backfires, and generally very twitchy low speed and midrange performance, to get a slight improvement in top-end horsepower. It will take a different camshaft, valve and head work, and probably a modified spark advance curve, plus a matched set of the correct size (small) carbs to make a dual-carb/header system work almost as well as a stock setup. Large dollars and LOTS of hassle!

eye candy is right on, and i couldn't agree more!!!! i tried running a offy 2x1 with rochesters, ran like crap, then went to newly refurbished and matched carter w1's ran like garbage. i put the original single rochester and stock intake with duals and it runs better than ever. the only other combo i wanted to try is the clifford intake and a brand new holley 390cfm. only to get away from old carbs which get rebuilt over and over and over.

a stock inline 6 needs exactly the fuel/air that the factory put on it. slapping on duals and more gas isn't going to do anything but give you more headaches. i speak from experience. if you can't live without the multicarb look, buy a 3x1 intake block off the outer carbs and only run the center.

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#659321 - Fri Jul 02 2010 07:43 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: coolerthanethan]
bigbadswingdaddy Offline
Shop Shark
Registered: Fri Dec 31 2004 12:00 PM
Posts: 2319
Loc: san francisco
I have ran a clifford 4bbl intake with a 390 holly on a 270 gmc. It did quite well, and woke that 270 up a bit. I do believe the primaries are too big, and the secondaries are too small on that carb. There is no comparison between the 4bbl and the 5 stromberg 97s on my 302 gmc. I have had many vehicles with multi carbs. I have had straight linkages and progressive linkages. Let me say there is nothing like running a multicarb setup with a progressive linkage. When those secondaries open up, the engine howels and the smile can not be knocked off the face with a 2X4.

My advice run a 3X1 intake progressively. And remember ... "The person who says it can't be done should never interupt the person who is doing it!"
#659337 - Fri Jul 02 2010 09:09 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: bigbadswingdaddy]
Mr. Lang Offline
Shop Shark
Registered: Sat Jun 21 2008 06:02 PM
Posts: 1507
Loc: Brentwood Bay, BC Canada
I have the offy manifold, and fenton headers on my 216, daily driver. I've put on about 8,000 miles on the set up. I ran it for several thousand with Rochester b's, and then rest has been with Carter W-1s. I have aluminum pistons, and my 216 is over-bored. I was careful in setting them up, and syncing the carbs. I get slightly better mileage, and a little more power. Another 10,000 miles, and it will have paid for itself. It looks cool, sounds cool, and cost money. I probably wouldn't do it again though. But it is cool.

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#659454 - Sat Jul 03 2010 10:01 AM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: Mr. Lang]
panic Offline
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Registered: Tue Dec 23 2008 09:20 AM
Posts: 1001
Loc: Long Island
The person who says it can't be done should never interupt the person who is doing it!
#659463 - Sat Jul 03 2010 10:37 AM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: panic]
JiMerit Boltr#43 Offline
Shop Shark
Registered: Thu Jan 27 2000 12:00 PM
Posts: 2065
Loc: olTruck(Turlock), CA
A major problem with this set up is finding a usable matched pair of carbs. I like the Stromberg BXOV-2s, hard to find and making 60 year old carbs new again is difficult. I've switched to Langdon's Holley-Webers which are progressive 2 barrels. Only issue with these was needing a bit bigger jets, now with that solved she runs super. These are on my 261 with a cam from Patrick's, Edelbrock manifold, Vette dual exhaust, milled head and powerglide intake valves. It can be frustrating setting the carbs, a buddy of mine that's done dozens of these made it all work.
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#659600 - Sun Jul 04 2010 07:00 AM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: panic]
Old Dollar Offline
Wrench Fetcher
Registered: Mon Oct 05 2009 10:50 PM
Posts: 174
Loc: Free State of Jones, Mississip...
Originally Posted By panic
The person who says it can't be done should never interupt the person who is doing it!

1952 Chevy 3100
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Doin better'n some an worse than others. Life's what ya make of it. FAMILY, GOD and COUNTRY. Love it or Leave it.
#661301 - Sat Jul 10 2010 01:41 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: Old Dollar]
crenwelge Offline
Shop Shark
Registered: Sat Jan 19 2008 01:15 AM
Posts: 4622
Loc: Fredericksburg, Texas
Almost 50 years ago, my favorite setup on a 302 GMC was 3 x 2 with progressive linkage. GMC 302 was born with a 2 barrel.. either a 4 bolt Stromberg or a 3 bolt Holley. My choice was the Ford 3 bolt Holley which as actually designed for a 272. I ran off the center one which actually gave me improved throttle response at the low end and just puttering around town. The other two opened quickly a little past half throttle. I think a lot of it is in how you drive them. I never opened the end two up until I had my rpm's up so I would get some velocity through them. If I tried giving it too much throttle at low rpm, I had better have a fire extinguisher handy. I think it is a lot in how you drive. I was 35 years old before I drove an automatic. Today there are a lot of 35 year olds who have never driven a standard.
#661316 - Sat Jul 10 2010 02:33 PM Re: Headers and Dual carbs on a 6 cyl [Re: crenwelge]
webstershotrods Offline
Shop Shark
Registered: Thu Apr 29 2010 12:46 AM
Posts: 619
Loc: Temple ,TX
I have been researching and favoring the GMC 302,Just need to find one that I can afford and runs .Looked at the 3 carb set up also.Also going to use a turbo ,just looking for low boost , nothing more than a strong street engine with good manners .Any other info or pictures you have would be great to add to what Im gathering. I would like to use all parts from the 50's to 60's

Edited by webstershotrods (Sat Jul 10 2010 02:36 PM)
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