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1941 GMC 1-Ton

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Mechanicsville, Maryland



Owned by Gary Stacks
Bolter # 19893
Pinellas Park, Florida

Talking about this truck
in the Welcome Centre

22 June 2009
# 2619

From Gary :

This is my 1941 GMC 1-ton dually. This Art Deco GMC came from Nebraska. I found a bill of
sale from 1966 under the seat -- it sold for $206.

This is a rust free truck and mostly original. I built the bed and added the rear fenders. Under the hood, it has a 270 GMC with 4 speed tranny. It's fun to drive.

Locating parts for the change over has been a job itself. This site is great! I have already found free parts. I had them sent from Texas and solved a problem I have been trying to fix for three years.

The 1-ton had a 6 lug pattern on the front on 7 1/4 bolt circle. No one has ever seen that. I was able to change to 8 lug to match the rear wheels without breaking the bank. And now i don't have split rims !!! I like that.

Next up, maybe paint.

Some additional pictures: before / rear / interior



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