Ted Gardner's

1932 Chevy Pickup Trucks

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10 January 2007
# 1779 and #1780

From Ted :

           Here are my two my 1932 Chevy pickup trucks (here's the second one) with parts I have been collecting for about 25 years (here are all those parts). There are not too many of these left around and the parts are very hard to find.

           I am going to restore one and mount the other one on a Toyota 4 x 4. I'll use that one as a shop truck to advertise my garage and repair shop and use it as a daily driver. I have almost enough parts to make three trucks so I will have plenty to do when I retire -- if I ever do.

           I live in NW Arkansas but I brought these from California when we moved here in 1996 so I would have something to play with. I do have quite a bit of info on these that I have collected over the years. I'd be glad to help someone else out with info that they don't have.

Ted Gardner
Huntsville Arkansas


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