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1967 Chevy C50

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Mechanicsville, Maryland



Owned by Jeff Bottila
"67 C50"
Bolter # 21679
Anchorage, Alaska

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

01 December 2009
# 2707

More truck pictures in Photobucket!

From Jeff :

I finally got my first big Bolt. This truck is a 1967 C50 with a 292 six cylinder, 4 speed tranny, and a 2 speed rear end.

I found this truck 55 miles away in Anchorage. It apparently worked the mines -- it came equipped with a Lincoln arc welder and an Ingersoll Rand air compressor mounted on the back.

The owner died a few years back and the truck was put up for sale by his daughter, along with several other vehicles. She told me she had no idea of its condition, or whether any of it ran or not. I love a challenge, so I turned over all three engines by hand then offered her $500.

I made three trips checking it out, buying it, and working on it for the drive home. My Father in-law went with me to help get it running, as it hadn't been started in at least nine years.

A battery, some gas, and a well placed jumper wire (no ignition switch) and I shouted "IT'S ALIVE!" My wife joined me for the "Super Date" and followed me the 55 miles to home. We ended up stopping twice to add brake fluid and fix a gas leak.

The truck only had about 20% of its windshield. The weight of the compressor and welder made it a very interesting drive. Plus I discovered that I had to shift from 1st to 3rd (no 2nd gear).

I haven't had much time to work on it yet, but I already installed a new windshield, along with wiper blades and a seat cover. I have both the welder and compressor working, so now I'm thrilled.

Now for the best part. We just bought a garage (that happens to also have a house on the property) here in Alaska. We have been busy unpacking boxes, etc. I drove the '67 C50 out from Anchorage a couple weeks ago, and found out the two speed rear end still works! Resto work coming soon!



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