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Handouts for when you cruise to an event

As requested, we made up a handout (several actually) you can copy and take with you when you got to an event. Let 'em know about the Virtual Garage and bring 'em into the fold! (These are pdf files. Metal Burst and Blue will take a lot of print ink. If you like it, you may want to run it off at an office supply place.)

On white
In Blue
Metal Burst
Two white on one

Southern Stovebolters 2008
BC Bolters at Mission

The Texas Connection provided us with a good story. This is what it means to be "married to your truck!"

USA Day 2005 ~ A day to enjoy "Yank Tanks" in New Zealand

AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.



What's going on around here?


Events forum -- Events listing and discussions from all around the globe; all kinds of events.

The Side Lot -- Stovebolters in specific locations, such as British Columbia, the Plain States, Great Lakes, Texas, Southerners, The Whole Wild West Coast, Rocky Mountains, are meeting at hot spots near them. GABfests in the making. Come meet your Bolt neighbors!

Stovebolt Gabfests! -- The calendar below lists the major annual Stovebolt get togethers -- put faces to names! (Oh yeah ... and see their trucks, too!)

2014 Major Events & GABfests

The First Ever Stovebolt Event
Gathering of Bolters at Montana Andy's
Montana, 2000

Read the story

A GABfest ... wazzat?

  Welcome to Camp Stovebolt
  Leo "1953 Panel" K is anxious to show the Stovebolt colors. He made it all the way down from Canada to Kansas City for the 2013 Reunion so climbing a tree is a cake walk! That's his ... 1953 Chevy Panel in the background.

Stovebolters have been gathering on their own at a steady pace for over a decade. It all started with Montana Andy hosting a gathering in 2000. The "Texas Connection" shashayed soon afterward - a small group but your typical friendly Texans! We rallied Bolters at the ATHS National Show in Baltimore in May, 2006. That same year, the Southerners decided to try a Gathering of Bolters and they have grown so much, they have several southern groups. The British Columbia (Canada) Bolters have been meeting monthly for years now.

And ... every year in September, a large gathering of Bolters stream into middle of the country ... Kansas City, Missouri ... for THE Stovebolt event of the year -- The Annual Stovebolt Reunion! This year will be a big one - our 10th. We hope to plan caravans to circle on in and take the city!

Remember, Stovebolt is not a "club" ... yet, these Stovebolt Gatherings just came naturally! And your truck doesn't have to be done, running, or even put together. You don't have to bring your truck; you don't have to have a truck. Just gotta love 'em!

How a GABfest works

We target a good show to piggy back on. We found the best ones are shows that aren't so big or well-established that they would not be interested in our group gathering. The small to medium-sized shows seem to work well, as those shows appreciate our help in bringing in trucks that might not otherwise attend. Then, we identify a Stovebolt Coordinator (or two) for each particular GABFest. All a coordinator needs to do is make contact with the show staff to secure a parking area for the Bolters (hanging the Stovebolt flag), act as a show ombudsman for attending Bolters, make sure we get some photos of the event (especially a group shot), and hand out door prizes.

Clinics and other features

Some of the GABfests that have been around for a while have added camping, food, t-shirts, and sometimes they last a few days longer than the show! And we've even starting having technical clinics at our GABFests! Clinics to date, offered by Stovebolters to Stovebolters, have including metal fabrication & sheet metal repair, valve adjustment, dead engine starting and alternator rebuilding (think that's hard?? Wrenchbender Ret did it for the group on a picnic table!). To have a clinic or two, all you need is a subject matter expert willing to share a fairly simple procedure or task by walking participants through step-by-step.

This works because it happens at the grass roots! Members of the online community will need to determine, and coordinate, their own events. Here's a blow-by-blow from Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris, when he and David "Lucille" Wolfe were wondering about getting one started in South Carolina area back in 2008!

Are you game for a GABfest?

If you have a show you think would make a good venue for a GABfest and you are willing to coordinate Bolter attendance, let us know! Being a GABfest Coordinator isn't as hard as you think. The beauty is that you don't have to set up an event (that's done by whoever sets up the show you're attending / supporting / freeloading off of...). All you have to do is

  • Call the show coordinator to introduce yourself
  • Explain what we are doing
  • Ask for a reserved parking area for the Bolters
  • You should be able to answer questions about the area and tell folks where the parking area is (in the Events Forum).
  • Lastly, on show day, you get to hold an informal meeting to hand out door prizes (that we send you!)
  • Take a group picture. We have areas set up in our Bolt Bucket for event pictures.
  • Encourage folks to follow-up in our "The Hot Wash" forum, so we can use that as a jumping off point for the following year.

That's it!!!

So remember, whenever two or more 'Bolters are gathered... GABfest !!!!

Southern Bolters!


Stovebolt Reunion #9, Kansas City 2013 Southerners 2012

You'll find WAY more in the Events forum, and "The Hot Wash" forum

2014 Major Stovebolt Events & GABfests

          Check the Events Forum and the Side Lot for details on each event.

East Coast -- North America
April 19 Tidewater
The Tidewater area is huge and covers seven counties and eight cities in Virginia, such as Virginia Beach, Norfolk,Newport News. They are holding their first get together this year ... some come on out (or IN, if you are from out of state) and join them.
Details Mario "Bread" P.
April 25-27 Stovebolt Headquarters (Mechanicsville, MD)
7th Annual Homecoming

Grown into a big weekend event. Lots of clinics and hands on help. Scenic country drives. Good food. Family-friendly.
Details John Milliman
Multiple events!

Southern Bolters
These Southern Bolters are starting to break into nice groupings. I'm sure you can find something happening near you

West Columbia, SC - May 10 -- Jay Lugnutz, coordinator
TBD -- Commerce, GA
Fall -- Mount Olive, NC

Check the Southern Side Lot for what's in your neck of the woods Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris
Keeper of the List of Southern Stovebolters
May 31 & Fall

Old Dominion Stovebolt Society
The Run to Devi's Backbone
First year was a one-day event and we said it's worth staying two days. Now, we are going twice! The spring run will be our "warm up"

We are a go for the May 31 Run! The ODSS
Mid-Continental -- North America
Variety of events Great Lakes Bolters
Also know as the "plain states". Nothing PLAIN about this bunch!
Bolters gathering from Wisconsin, Minnisota, Iowa, Illinois, Michicgan, Indiana and Ohio (This was previously the Heartland Bolters). Check in in the Side Lot to see who's got what going on.
Details for the different locations Mick Casey
Randy Baumann
5, 6 & 7 Sept The BIG ONE -- 10th Annual Stovebolt Reunion
at the Mid-West All Truck Nationals
Kansas City (Riverside), MO
We will have a special forum for Reunion details. We will start posting specific details, schedules, plans in May
A whole forum dedicated to this Major Event Mike "Ol Trucks" Taylor
Don "2-Ton" King
Variety of events Texas Connection
This started as a few meeting from the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area and now with the Texas Side Lot, there are lots of people getting together on a regular basis. Check the details to see where you can be, and who'll be there, too.
Details for locations all around the area Cletis
West Coast -- North America
TBD The Whole Wide West Coast
This group has been proposed; details coming ... it's a might big area to cover, and already a lot going on.
See who's doing what where TBD
Variety The BC Bolters
British Columbia, Canada
The BC Bolters were one of the first groups to meet on a regular basis and a continuous basis! They always have something going on.
Always something Dave "1958GMCnut" Betker
Other global events?


Remember to check the Events forum. See what's going on in the old truck arena in your neck of the woods!


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